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SKN-S Inverters


SKN-S AC Charger Explained

P.F.C Charger: The SKN-S pure sine wave inverter/charger is equipped with an active PFC (Power Factor Corrected) multistage battery charger. The PFC feature is used to control the amount of power used to charge the batteries in order to obtain a power factor as close as possible to 1.

Bulk Charging: This is the initial stage of charging. While Bulk Charging, the charger supplies the battery with controlled constant current. The charger will remain in Bulk charge until the Absorption charge voltage (determined by the Battery Type selection) is achieved.
Software timer will measure the time from charger start until the battery charger reaches 0.3V below the boost voltage, then take this time as T0 and T0×10 = T1.

Absorb Charging: This is the second charging stage and begins after the absorb voltage has been reached. Absorb Charging provides the batteries with a constant voltage and reduces the DC charging current in order to maintain the absorb voltage setting.
In this period, the inverter will start a T1 timer; the charger will keep the boost voltage in Boost CV mode until the T1 timer has run out. Then drop the voltage down to the float voltage. The timer has a minimum time of 1 hour and a maximum time of 12 hours.

Float Charging: The third charging stage occurs at the end of the Absorb Charging time. While Float charging, the charge voltage is reduced to the float charge voltage (determined by the Battery Type selection*). In this stage, the batteries are kept fully charged and ready if needed by the inverter.

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